If there is any piece of furniture that you should call an investment, it is your rug. Even though it is a very low-key piece of furniture in the room, it somehow manages to grab everyone’s attention. There are great designs of floor rugs out there, that will end up making your room look amazing. However, when it comes to rugs people make a lot of mistakes that you should learn from. We will go over these, so the next time you get a rug, you know exactly what to do with it.


Cleaning mistakes


  • People make a huge mistake when they decide to get store-bought stain removers to clean their rugs. These destroy the fibres of the rug, making it wear quicker. They also end up discolouring the area where the stain used to be.
  • When it comes to cleaning rugs, the more natural the solution, the better. You should just take an absorbent cloth and blot the stain with it till it goes away. If it is a really tough stain, then seek professional help.


Small rugs


  • The most common mistake people make with small rugs is using it on its own. The key to small rugs is layering. Or you can just use it on either sides of the bed, if you want to use it on its own.
  • You can even try layering a bunch of small rugs together to achieve a different look.


Vintage rugs


  • People believe that with vintage rugs, you have to be extra careful because they are super delicate. But, honey, if the rug has made it this far it is anything but delicate. Vintage rugs are actually pretty easy to clean, and they are better at concealing dirt.


Other mistakes that you should not make


  • You buy a rug that is big enough for a room. Remember if the rug is bigger than you expected, it is absolutely okay! However, if the rug is small, that is when you have a problem. A rug that is just big enough to fit your couch is no good. When getting a rug for the dining table, it should be big enough to fit the table and the chairs, and when the chairs are pulled out a little.
  • Wool has fibres that make it naturally stain resistant. You should only clean your wool rugs with the vacuum, that too on the lowest setting.

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