When moving into a new home, or just simply redoing your existing home, you will probably have to make an important decision regarding the window treatments in your house. What you decide to get for your windows will make a huge impact on the rest of your house in terms of how it looks. Window treatments have three main purposes; the decorative appeal, providing privacy and allowing the light to come in. They can also help insulate the house. The choice of the window treatments, amongst other things, will depend on the kind of room it is. For instance, when it comes to bedrooms, people normally go for blockout blinds and curtains because it helps them sleep better. Both windows and blinds are great options as window treatments but they both have their own pros and cons.




A very popular choice that adds a modern touch to the room. Some of the popular styles of blinds include roller blinds, shutter blinds and venetian blinds.


  • Exceptionally great for filtering out light. This is why this is a more popular choice in the bedrooms, as people opt for blinds like Venetian, with you can adjust the amount of sunlight you want or don’t.
  • Great for small rooms as they don’t take up much space, and don’t touch the floor.
  • Easier to clean as compared to curtains because of the materials they are made from
  • They don’t fade as quickly as curtains making them more durable.
  • Popular choice for children’s rooms.




Curtains are a traditional and timeless choice of window treatments, and they tend to work in almost any type of room. You can block out the light completely with thicker curtains, or you can enjoy a good breeze with lace or sheer curtains.


  • They are safer for homes that have kids or pets because they don’t have cords to open and close them
  • They don’t require very precise measurements since they overlap windows.
  • They are better for the colder months as they keep out the cool air.
  • They are very elegant and regal, making them a better choice for living rooms and dining rooms.
  • They can be easy to clean as well. With some materials you just have to put them in the washing machines. But some materials will require proper professional cleaning.


In the end it all depends on your taste and the look you are aiming at.

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